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From 2013 to 2017, our team grew Aspire Financial Services, an innovative retirement record keeping platform built on a foundation of fee transparency and investment flexibility. At it’s core, Aspire is a proprietary software platform. To many investors, it’s a refreshing alternative to expensive, confusing retirement investments. Aspire’s K-12 403(b)/457 retirement offering is exceptionally unique, if you ask me.


From 1992 to 2011, I played a leadership role at Voya (then ING), one of the largest providers of 403(b)/457/401(k) in the country. Together our team significantly expanded company presence in the Southeast region and managed some of the company’s largest relationships.


My focus at Aspire and Voya was product development, distribution management and key customer relationship management. Big sales and exceptional service.


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RaceReach.com is a software platform used by event (race) directors, coaches, clubs and sponsors. The platform delivers a comprehensive race registration system and a club/team management system. Our rapid growth has come from delivering great software and service to running, cycling, swimming and triathlon events and from our loyal community of large clubs and outstanding coaches.







It’s hard to convince people to listen to you, especially if you are a business. Those who understand how to communicate effectively and always establish a shared desired outcome, trust will be built and success will occur. Ask me about communications training, website design and content delivery based on building genuine trust.


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7x Ironman triathlete.


1x Husband and father to 3.


Forever aging athlete.





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