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Dear friend of Heather Luckinbill:

The circumstances we all find ourselves in are different than we’d have ever imagined. We must continue to remind ourselves that while this is not our plan, we can all take comfort in our faith.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, it will be Heather’s 50th birthday. She likes birthdays. To celebrate, we’re simply seeking as many as possible of Heather’s friends to “drive and drop” to her front porch at 1909 Torrey Pines Place (27615) that day. Anything you drop off is great…a card, flowers, food, INEXPENSIVE gift, etc. Perhaps we can get to 50 friends dropping off!

NO ONE will be allowed to physically say hello, for safety and for the novelty.

EVERYONE would be asked to take a picture/selfie of themselves dropping off the gift, then would text the photo to Heather right away (9199613602) after the drop off. I will collect all the pics and make a fun collage for her.

In person hugs and visits will intentionally be prohibited, as much for symbolism as for health. Those can wait. Heather will not be answering the door at all that day.

That day, the Luckinbill family will be doing the things you’d expect of us…a few gifts, a nice dinner and big plans for the future!

Love you all,
Mark Luckinbill and family